Monday, September 13, 2021

Washable Rug Review: Tumble, Ruggable, The Rug Collective, & More With Discount Codes!!

I am so excited to finally write this blog post! If you've been following along, you might have seen a series of 5 different blog posts reviewing different washable rugs. I had been wanting to upgrade all my rugs to washable ones because well... kids!! They are perfect for families with children or pets because they can just be thrown in your washing machine and are stain resistant and water repellent. Water just beads off of them! All of the rugs have amazing quality and there truly isn't one that is better than the rest- they each have their own perks!

The 5 washable rugs I reviewed were:

1. The Rug Collective - blog post here | promo code HALEY for 15% off

2. My Magic Carpet- blog post here

3. Tumble Rugs- blog post here | $20 off here or with code HALEY_TMBL20P

4. Real Life Rugs- blog post here

5. Ruggable- blog post here | 15% off here (click to open the new tab if you get an error)

You can find full reviews for each of the rugs by click their individual blog posts above but if you want to read how they compare to each other, keep reading!

The Rug Systems

Some of the rugs come with pads and some don't and I think this is important when picking which brand will work best for you. If you are putting the rug over carpet I don't think this should be a deciding factor but if it is going on hardwood it defiantly should be taken into consideration!

  • Real Life Rugs and My Magic Carpet are one pieces systems meaning it doesn't come with a pad to attach to the rug. They both have little grippys on the bottom of the rugs that allow them not to slip around on the floor
  • Tumble Rugs and Ruggable are 2 piece systems. The top parts of these systems, the actual rug, feel almost identical to each other. 
    • Tumble Rugs come with a foam play-mat like pad that you lay and secure the rug on top of. The foam material is like a children's play mat that you put together like a puzzle. 
    • Ruggable has 2 options for padding- I ordered the original. The top piece attaches to the pad with velcro 
  • The Rug Collective doesn't come with a pad but they do recommend it. If it is being placed on carpet this rug would be perfect but it does slip a bit if on hardwood because there are no grips on the bottom
This is what the "rug" part Tumble and Ruggable looks like. This is what attaches to the pads.

This is the one piece system of the Tumble Rug.

This is what the grippy bottom looks like on Real Life Rugs and My Magic Carpet


I am going to rate these in order from the thickest padding to the least thickest padding. The padding should be taken into when picking your washable rug if you have small children who will be playing on the rug a lot. If you are shopping for a washable rug because of a pet, you may not care about how thick the padding is. 

1. Tumble Rugs- Childs foam play-mat like pad
2. Ruggable- Classic pad 
3. The Rug Collective- no pad but the rug is a heavy duty quality 
4/5: Real Life Rugs/ Magic Carpet- they are the same thickness

Tumble Rug padding- just like a child's foam playmat

My Magic Carpet and Real Life Rug

Ruggable basic padding

The Rug Collective 

Best Spots In A Home

All of these rugs are truly great!! This is just my opinion where I think these rugs would be best in a home (with little kids in mind)

Living Room: Tumble, Ruggable, The Rug Collective
Runners: My Magic Carpet, Real Life Rugs
Playroom: Tumble, Ruggable
Bedroom: The Rug Collective
Dining Room: The Rug Collective, Real Life Rugs
Small Spaces (laundry room, mudroom): My Magic Carpet 

The Rug Collective


My Magic Carpet

Tumble Rugs

Real Life Rugs


If you are looking for a certain size rug it may limit to you which brand you can go with. 
  • Ruggable and The Rug Collective offer the largest rugs (all the way up to 9x12)
  • Tumble Rugs offer up to an 8x10 
  • Real Life Rugs offers the largest size just under an 8x10 (7'6x9'6)
  • My Magic Carper is targeted for smaller spaces so the largest size is a 5x7


To me, this is defiantly a top factor when it comes to making decision. Because each of these brands make a 5x7 rug I am going to share the prices for those. Don't forget to use my discount codes at the top of this post to save some money! Obviously, the bigger the rug you get the more expensive the price gets. 

1. Ruggable- $199 (with the basic padding), $169 with my discount code 

2. Tumble Rugs- $180, with my discount code: $160

3. The Rug Collective - $179, with my discount code: $152 

4. My Magic Carpet- $149 [you can buy these on Bed Bath and Beyond and use a 20% off coupon making them about $119

5. Real Life Rugs- $109


The easiest rugs to set up were My Magic Carpet, Real Life Rugs, and The Rug Collective- you just have to lay them down because they are all 1 piece systems. 

Tumble Rugs took my husband and I about 30 minutes to set up the pad. It is like a giant foam puzzle and you really have to push down to lock the pieces into place.

Ruggable was the hardest to assemble for me. The top of the rug sticks to the velcro pad which makes it really hard to line up. I couldn't get mine to line up but it is still useable. You don't really have the ability to adjust, you have to take the whole thing off and realign. Maybe if 2 people did it then it would be a little easier!

Assembling the Tumble Rug

Trouble I had assembling and lining up the Ruggable 

I hope this post was helpful if you are looking for a washable rug! You can't go wrong with any of them, they are all amazing products and all are great quality! If you have any questions- feel free to DM me on Instagram @haleysimao 



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  5. This review is devoid of the most important questions when purchasing a washable rug: Which brand is the most durable? Which brand is most stain resistant? Which brand withstands repeated washings? Which ones are easier to wash in terms of bulkiness? For me, this was nothing more than a promotional piece for various brands.

    1. It's likely that she hasn't owned the rugs long enough to know yet.

    2. I was coming to find out durability after one site said not to use a robot vacuum because it can damage edges. One brand says spill proof? Is it really?

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  13. Will Tumble rugs stick to the Ruggable floor pad? I already have a ruggable floor pad and I'm thinking about ordering a Tumble cover but I don't know if they will work together.

    1. Hi! No, they won't they are 2 different systems.

  14. Once the size, budget and style of Rug are established, you are ready to start shopping for antique rugs. More important than the dealer you choose to work with is educating yourself on the purchase of rugs beforehand.

  15. I have a ruggable rug with the "cushioned" floor pad and we love it. It does take two to roll it out but it sticks down so well. We've washed it a few times and it's in the kitchen and still looks new. The cushioned pad is key. I read this article because the tumble rugs are a lot cheaper than ruggable (with the thicker pad) but it looks like the pad system could be jenky (with tumble), and how does the cover stick to the pad?

  16. According to the Tumble website (video & info) the cover has corner pockets and one tucks the pad into each of these corners. My understanding is that the pad holds the cover only at these corners.(Presumably this is why they don't offer round rugs.) The pad doesn't have ruggable's velcro style top surface. (On ruggable the corners of larger rugs have something on the underside that looks like pockets, but aren't (they are to help weigh down the cover's corners.)
    Caveat: I don't have either of these rugs and have just been trying to study them (carefully reading the vendor's websites, reading reviews, and watching videos) in the hopes of making the "right" decision :-)

  17. Having a hard time with the $20 off link for tumble. Any insight?

  18. The true test is how they wash. I've heard many negative reviews about Ruggable because the edges curl up and ripple after washing. People have said Tumble is far superior in that regard and I never heard about the other brands until reading your blog.

    1. My ruggables are new as of this year but they look new after washing and I’m not having any raised edges.

  19. Do you know if the Ruggable or Tumble is lighter weight for putting in washing machine?

  20. How are they when vacuuming? Do they vacuum with ease?