Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The Rug Collective Review // Washable Rug Review #5

My final review on washable rugs is here- The Rug Collective! I've had my eye on this brand for awhile and was excited when they wanted to gift me a rug to be able to write this review. I have been wanting a neutral rug in my living room so was excited when I came across the Distressed Kendra Ash Rug I thought it would be perfect.

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On the Rug Collective website on your phone, you can find a tool to view any of their rugs in your own space which really helped me decide on which rug I wanted. They're all so beautiful!

Some of the key highlights of The Rug Collective (TRC) washable rugs:

  • The can be wiped clean: Wipe off any spills - Everklean technology makes it both stain and water-resistant
  • Machine washable rug
  • Anti-allergen: Reduce allergens in your home from pets and dust with Purissimo™
  • Sustainably made: Made from recycled cotton

My first reaction of the rug was that it was so much more beautiful in person! Every photo I saw this rug looked different because of the filters that were applied so every photo I share here will be unfiltered- natural sunlight so you can see the true colors! The Kendra Ash rug, which is their best seller, is a neutral rug with ivory, navy, and beige/brown. The brown scared me, but it really is so beautiful in person! I love how it looks against my beige couch. We have a lot of natural light in our living room too which I think helps lighten it up a bit.

My one complaint about this rug is that it doesn't come with a pad and it is needed if you are using it on hardwood. There aren't any grippys on the bottom or pads to attach the top to like other washable rugs I've reviewed which causes sliding. Once a rug pad is added though it is great! If you are putting the rug on top of carpet I don't think you'd need to purchase a pad for underneath. The material is soft to touch and my vacuum didn't have a problem going over the corners.

Rug Collective rugs would be perfect in a living room or bedroom.  I am excited to have a rug that is liquid repellent and washable with a 14 month old running around.

Stay tuned for my full blog post comparing 5 different washable rug brands!

Affiliate link: here // 15% promo code: HALEY



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  2. I think all your reviews on these rugs are missing a valuable piece of info: how well do they handle being washed? Vacuumed? I read ruggable curls up at the edges after a bit. Any insight on these 5 rugs after some use? Thanks

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  9. As far as my phone goes, I can not find that vital tool to show me a rug in my own space with the rug collective. I enjoyed that feature with my magic carpet, but struggle to find anyone else that allows it.

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  11. Would the rug collective work with the ruggable pad?