Friday, March 26, 2021

Solo Stove Fire Pit- Bonfire VS. Yukon Comparison

If you've come across this post you are probably trying to figure out which Solo Stove fire pit to buy. I am very excited to share with you a comparison that I was trying to find when I was researching Solo Stoves! You can find my review of our Yukon Solo Stove here

The Solo Stove fire pits come in 3 sizes: Ranger (smallest), Bonfire (middle), and Yukon (largest). The Bonfire size is their best seller. If you were like me and unsure what size is the best option for you- keep reading!

On the left you have the Yukon fire pit & stand which is the largest size. On the right is the Bonfire pit & stand which is the medium size, and Solo Stove's best seller.

Here is another view looking at the 2 from the top. At this angle, you can really see the size difference between the two. 

The Yukon (left) is 38 pounds and the Bonfire (right) is 20 pounds. Because the Yukon is larger width wise it is a bit more awkward to pick up by yourself, you really need 2 people to get a good grasp on it. The Bonfire size is defiantly more portable. In my opinion one of the cool perks of the Solo Stove fire pits is that they are 100% portable and can be used on multiple surfaces so portability is important!

Yukon measurements 
Bonfire measurements

Here is my hand showing a size comparison of the tops of the fire pits. As you can see, the Yukon is much larger. There are a few pro's and con's when it comes to this. The larger Yukon takes a lot more wood and burns through it fast, but it gives off a big, hot fire. The Bonfire, being a bit smaller, will allow the wood to last longer. 



Yukon pros & cons
Pros: larger (good for big groups), gives off more heat, good to keep in one spot 
Cons: harder/ more awkward to transport, eats a lot of wood 

Bonfire pros & cons
Pros: easy to move/transport, wood lasts longer, perfect for 2-4 people, more affordable, much lighter 
Cons: not as much heat

My final vote: Bonfire  

I really do think that they both of different benefits. The Yukon is awesome if you don't really plan on moving it. For us, we plan to keep the Yukon on our deck and not move it so it works well there. If you can only pick one, I vote for the bonfire because it is much more portable. You can easily use it on the deck, the bring it down to the grass, or out onto the driveway. It even comes with a portable bag with handles to stick it in if you are heading somewhere!

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps if you are trying to decide. If you are going to purchase a fire pit, I would love it if you would shop through my affiliate link: 

When shopping through my affiliate link I am able to do more comparisons like this one! 



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