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I am so excited to finally write this blog post! If you've been following along, you might have seen a series of 5 different blog posts ...


About me, Haley Simao!
Welcome to my corner of the internet! Whether you've stumbled upon my Instagram page, blog, or landed here seeking social media solutions for your business, I'm thrilled to have you. I live in Rhode Island and am a proud mom to two toddler boys. From corporate to entrepeneaur! I worked in corporate for five years and recently decided to take a leap of faith, chase my dreams, quit my marketing job, and start my own business, Haley Simao Social.

What do I do? 
My journey into the world of social media began in 2019 when I launched @haleysimao as a side hustle. What started as an outlet to share my favorite things and brands quickly evolved into a platform where I built invaluable relationships with businesses and brands. Through collaborations with dream companies and sharing snippets of my family's adventures, I've found joy in connecting with others and making an impact in the digital sphere. I also use this @haleysimao as an outlet to help inspire others to chase their dreams and make sure to focus on their mental health by doing things that fill their cup. 

At Haley Simao Social, I offer comprehensive social media management and marketing solutions tailored to elevate small businesses' online presence. Drawing from my experience in customer experience marketing and fueled by a genuine passion for creating captivating content, I specialize in curating and managing social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to drive brand awareness by tapping into the target audience. I also manage, and run affiliate and influencer programs. I love to help small businesses grow and take social off their plates! 

Let's Connect 
Whether you're a fellow small business owner looking to grow your social media presence or simply curious about the person behind the screen, I'd love to connect with you. Feel free to reach out, I love to meet new people :)  Thank you for joining me on this journey!