Saturday, February 20, 2021

Solo Stove Fire Pit Review!

 I am so excited to share my review after using our Solo Stove fire pit this weekend!  Solo Stove is the world's most unique fire pit. It has less smoke and is portable. The best part in my opinion is that it can be used anywhere! We used it this weekend on the deck but it can be used on grass, driveway, really anywhere! They make great gifts for a birthday, housewarming, Father's Day, or if you are just looking for a really cool fire pit to enjoy outside, its a great gift for yourself!

They offer 3 sizes of fire pits: Ranger, Bonfire, and the Yukon. We have the Yukon which is the largest size and the Bonfire is the middle size and their best seller (on sale for $250)! I loved the idea that you can use it on a wood deck, how cool is that?! 

So to use the fire pit on a deck or grass you need to purchase the stand. On their website  you can find bundle packages. If you are just planning on using this on cement you can just get the regular fire pit by itself. We were gifted the Backyard Bundle which includes:

  • Fire pit
  • Stand- which helps minimize heat transfer to the surface below 
  • Shield- traps the sparks and embers
  • Shelter- cover for the fire pit 
It was really easy to unpack and set up. I was able to lift this Yukon by myself so it isn't extremely heavy which is nice because it is meant to be portable and be moved! The fire started SO easily and I was amazed how beautiful the flames looked. The best part is, because there is not a lot of smoke you don't walk way smelling like a fire!

You can find my blog post that shares the comparison between the Bonfire and Yukon size here

Once the snow melts we are going to set up our patio furniture and put this right in the middle! If we are having a bigger get to gather we can just carry it down the stairs and stick it on the grass. My family and friends rave about the Solo Stove fire pits and now I can see why, they are freakin awesome!!

With the pandemic going on it is hard to get out and find things to do these days. Now you can get outside even when its cold while staying warm and then enjoy the warmer nights ahead sitting by your new fire pit! This would make a kick a** Father's Day gift the whole family would enjoy :) 

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Let me know if you grab one!



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  5. Is there actually much heat coming off the bottom? In you pics, even if you have it on the stand, it looks like the snow is up to the bottom of the fire pit itself, but doesn't look like it's melting? I got my Solo Stove without the stand, so wondering if it's really necessary.