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Washable Rug Review: Tumble, Ruggable, The Rug Collective, & More With Discount Codes!!

I am so excited to finally write this blog post! If you've been following along, you might have seen a series of 5 different blog posts ...

My Magic Carpet Review // Washable Rug Review #3

Washable Rug Review #3! If this is the first post you came across, I am comparing as many washable rugs as I can. For the review I was looking for a rug for my son's playroom. I had a rug in there before that he kept tripping over when he played and his cars were getting stuck. I thought a washable rug would be perfect for in there because well... kids!

Keep reading for my review on My Magic Carpet Washable Rugs- the most affordable option I've found yet! Click HERE to read my master washable rug review which compares 5 different washable rug brands.

You can order My Magic Carpet rugs at a bunch of different retailers or you can buy directly on their site here. I purchased the 5x7 tribal aztec rug which can be found here on Bed Bath and Beyond. Like most of the other washable rugs I have reviewed, My Magic Carpet rugs are stain resistant, washable, waterproof. They are perfect for spaces with kids or pets!

The rug came rolled like a regular rug would and was lightweight and easy to unroll and set up. There isn't a pad that comes with the rug so you just toss the whole thing in your standard washing machine. Even though there isn't a separate pad that comes with this rug, there still is enough padding that I feel comfortable having my son play on it (on top of our hardwood floors). 

The feature I like most about the My Magic Carpet rug (beside it being washable) is that it stays in place! My last rug in this space would always move around- even with the rug tape. This rug has little non slip grippy pieces on the bottom of the rug which allows it to grip to the hardwood and stay in place. 

The price point for this 5x7 washable rug is under $150. If you shop on Bed Bath and Beyond too you can use a 20% off coupon bringing it down to about $120. They also offer different sizes like a 7 foot runner or a 3x5 rug. Their 5x7 is the largest size they offer. 

Stay tuned for a full blogpost comparing 5 different washable rug brands!