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Washable Rug Review: Tumble, Ruggable, The Rug Collective, & More With Discount Codes!!

I am so excited to finally write this blog post! If you've been following along, you might have seen a series of 5 different blog posts ...

Tumble Rugs Review // Washable Rug Review #2

Washable Rug Review #2! If this is the first post you came across, I am comparing as many washable rugs as I can. There is 1 brand that is all over social media and I wanted to go on a mission to find as many comparable ones I could.  Review #2 is Tumble Rugs. You know those kids foam playmats that stick together like a puzzle- well I found a washable rug that has that type of padding. It is PERFECT for a space where kids will be!

Keep reading for my review on Tumble Rugs! You can also find my master washable rug review comparing all the different washable rug brands HERE. DISCOUNT CODE LINK:

*all the photos below are in natural light without a filter so you can see the true colors*

I ordered the Amara Ash/Natural Rug in the 8x10 size. It has grays, ivory, and navy - it is so beautiful in person. The price was $375 which is $64 cheaper than Ruggable. Also, Tumble rugs truly offers free exchanges and returns. There are no hidden fees which is huge. A lot of other washable rug companies I found offer free returns but still charge a restock fee.

When the rug arrived I noticed that it was packaged differently than the other washable rugs I have received- it came packed in a box! Once I opened it I instantly noticed that the actual rug part feels and looks almost identical to the well known Ruggable washable rugs. 

The actual rug itself is like a heavy blanket and the bottom part of the rug is soft with 4 slips at each corner. The 4 corners slip onto the puzzle foam pad I mentioned earlier to secure the rug in place. It is pretty thin but that is okay because the pad is the thickest I have seen for a washable rug. 

Setting up the rug pad was a breeze. The foam "puzzle pieces" are labeled by number and there is a sheet to follow along with. You are essentially putting together a big puzzle! It took me (by myself) about 15 minutes to put the foam pad piece all together. It is important that you layout where you want to put the pad before you secure them together. It is very hard to move the whole pad once secured together. Once the pad was all together the rug part easily slipped over the edges and laid on top of the pad. The rug is really beautiful and soft on your feet. The pad is seriously amazing!! It is so squishy and perfect for my little 1 year old who plays for hours on the floor. 

The coolest feature is the fact that this rug repels liquids!! Yup- water, pet pee, juice, you name it... the water pills up and doesn't absorb into the rug. I poured a cup of water on mine to show you. SO COOL!! Another cool feature is that you can just toss the top/cover part of the rug into your standard washing machine to wash it if needed. 

  • Pros: Soft on your feet, thickest pad I've found for a washable rug, doesn't slip, beautiful design,    robo vac didn't have any issues, comes in many colors/designs, free ship & free returns
  • Cons: Largest size is an 8x10
  • Great for: Living room, playroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway runner. Any space with kids.
  • Wouldn't recommend for: I can't think of anything!
  • Pricing: 5x7 $180, 8x10 $375