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Washable Rug Review: Tumble, Ruggable, The Rug Collective, & More With Discount Codes!!

I am so excited to finally write this blog post! If you've been following along, you might have seen a series of 5 different blog posts ...

Ruggable Review // Washable Rug Review #4

Click here for a 15% off couponWashable rug review #4 is the highly requested Ruggable. If you are reading this post about washable rugs I bet you have seen Ruggable all over social media. I had my eye set on one for my son's room and finally pulled the trigger and purchased it. They are great for a space with kids or pets because they are stain resistant and water resistant and can be washed right at home. If you've been looking into Ruggable rugs, keep reading for a review & a coupon!

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Ruggable does offer some really beautiful rugs, I think they have the some of the best designs of washable rugs on the market. I was looking for a black/white rug for Cam's nursery and when I came across the Thalia rug, I knew that was it. I had my eye on it for awhile but it was pretty pricey at $299 for a 6x9 rug. When you go up to their 8x10 size you are looking at $440 for the washable rug and the basic pad.

So about the rug... Ruggables come with 2 pieces: the cover (which is essential the top of the rug that you feet touch) and the velcro nonslip pad (which attaches to the cover and lays on the ground). I thought maybe you could use the cover itself but that isn't an option. The cover is think like a blanket and moves around, you need the pad to velcro it together so it stays in place. The bottom of the pad is like a yoga mat material so it doesn't move at all on hardwoods. Before buying I read 2 commonly noted negative reviews about these rugs. One being that it is impossible to lay straight. What that means it lining up the cover to the velcro pad. I tried over 10 times to line it up correctly and I still couldn't get it. After the 10th time and I was sweating I decided to leave it as it is (see pic below- some of edges don't have as much padding at the others). What makes it hard is that once the cover hits the velcro you can't just adjust one section, you have to peel the whole thing off and start over. The bigger the rug, the harder this is! I'm sure if you had 2 people doing it then it would be a bit easier.

When buying Ruggables you can pick from 2 different types of pads. The original pad (which is what I got) is the cheaper option. They make a cushioned rug pad for an extra $80. In my opinion, it should come with the cushioned rug pad for the price you are paying for the rug. BUT I didn't think the original rug pad was that bad. Like I said before, we are using it for my 13 month old son's room (which had hardwood floors) and I felt like that was enough padding for him to play on it when he is in there and be comfortable. It is soft on your feet and I've been laying him on it when changing him into his pajamas and it feels squishy. If I was using it in my living room I would pay the extra $80 for the thicker padding because he is on the rug, often tripping and falling way more than in his room. 

Ruggables can be put in your standard size washing machine, just like all the other washable rugs. For their rugs, you just take the cover pieces and stick it in. The 2nd negative review I read about these rugs is that once you wash it the edges curl up. I haven't washed my mine yet but I have seen some in person where the edges do defiantly lift when washed in the washing machine. 

The actual look of the rug is exactly what I was looking for and looks just like the photos! It is more of a black and ivory but it pulls from the black and white accents I have in his room. I am really happy with the design. One really cool concept that only Ruggable has is that you can order different covers and change out the covers on your pads. For an example, if I wanted to get a different cover for my 6x9 rug it would cost $180 because I already have the pad.

Overall, I am happy with the Ruggable (pre- washing)! Click here for a 15% off coupon :)