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I am so excited to finally write this blog post! If you've been following along, you might have seen a series of 5 different blog posts ...

Big Wall Decor Review: Big, Swappable, Affordable Wall Art With Discount Code!!

If you have a spot where you need big, massive, large, whatever you want to call it art- keep reading, trust me!! I've had a spot in my living room that I had been staring at for the last 2.5 years since we moved in and I couldn't figure out what to put there. I knew it needed to be BIG but wanted high-quality art & that comes with a hefty price tag. Then I learned about BIG... a two-party wall system that offers massive wall art, designed by real artists, that is swappable & affordable. GENIUS!

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*All the photos below are in natural light without a filter so you can see the true colors*

Before I dive into my review let me talk a little about how the two-part wall system works. Think Ruggable- but on the wall! The first part is a portal metal infinity frame which is lightweight and comes unassembled, but it's so easy to assemble- took me less than 10 min! The second part is the durable fabric print (this is your art). The artwork is printed right on high-quality fabric which maintains the deep & vibrant color. Unlike a big wall canvas, these colors won't fade over time. There is a silicone beading sewn around the edges which are used to lock into the infinity frame. This 2 part system allows you to swap out your art whenever you want by just changing out the fabric part. Here is what it looked like when it got delivered!

Here is the frame assembly:

I measured my space ahead of time to determine how large I needed the art and decided that the 48x48 is the best option for my space. BIG offers a variety of different oversized sizes which you can find on their website.

Ok now onto the art! I picked out 2 pieces. The first is called Asking which is a neutral abstract piece. This piece is available on the BIG website and the artist is Artur Chen. I love how simple this is and it matches my decor!

The second piece I selected was the Custom option to upload my own art on the BIG website. I think this is such a cool and unique option that they offer! I love Studio Mcgee & Mcgee & Co. art but was never able to find something large enough for my space. I went over to Etsy and started looking for Studio Mcgee-inspired wall art and found a ton of beautiful muted landscapes that matched what I was looking for. I paid $3 for a digital download to upload on the BIG website and it looks so gorgeous in person. Tip: make sure you download the right ratio size. Before I ordered I made sure to message the seller to ask if they were able to resize the art to 48x48 (it's really large, so sometimes they can't!). If they can, they will ask you to message them once you pay for the digital download and they will re-size and email it to you. Super easy!

Click here for my gray-muted landscape art.

I loved the fact that whichever piece of art I wasn't using I could easily fold up and put into a drawer or closet and when I'm ready for a change I can easily swap it out. Even after storage, the art will hang smoothly and look brand new. 

Installing the fabric art into the frame was SO easy, it just clicks right in. You won't necessarily hear a clicking noise but when you fold the silicone piece into the frame they securely lock together. The same goes for removing it. I'll put some pics below but you can also see a video I created on Instagram showing the process: here. Hanging the art was a breeze too. It is very lightweight, I just added a screw into a stud and that was it. I could easily lift it with no problem.


Let's talk about pricing. The price of the 48x48 wall art with frame is $299 ($239 with code SIMAO20). If you want to purchase another piece of art (fabric only) the price is $115 ($92 with code SIMAO20). Not bad for real art by real artists! Also, you won't have to worry about glass breaking or canvas' ripping. The fabric print won't fade or scratch and is washable! Plus, when you aren't using it just fold it up and tuck it away in a small space to store it.

  • Pros: Easy to swap out, lightweight, real artists, can add your art, affordable for large art, durable material, lots of large size options
  • Cons: Only for large oversized art (nothing smaller than 24x24)
  • Great for: Living room, dining room, bedroom, playroom, and kids' room. Really anywhere you need large wall art!
  • Wouldn't recommend for: I can't think of anything!
  • Pricing: Varies by size but for an example, the price of a BIG 32x48 piece is $199. Great Big Canvas offers the same size for $525 so right there that is a $326 savings. Think about when you want to redecorate to.. you'd either be purchasing another $525 large canvas or just buying a new BIG print to stick into your existing frame for only $115. A no brainer IMO :)

Thanks for reading! As a reminder, you can use code: SIMAO20 to save 20%!