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I am so excited to finally write this blog post! If you've been following along, you might have seen a series of 5 different blog posts ...

Bedroom Refresh With The Home Depot

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot

When we moved into our house in December of 2020 decorating our bedroom wasn't on the top of the list. I ordered a king size mattress, bed, and some $30 night stands off of Facebook marketplace. I hung the sheer curtains that we had in the living room of our condo until I knew I could find something I loved. With the start of the new year, I wanted to freshen up the space and make it ours. The walls were so bare and the room needed some warmth and coziness. 

I am so excited to have partnered with The Home Depot and their exclusive store, The Company Store to make that happen! They have a great selection of furniture and home decor for every room. All items can be found exclusively at The Home Depot via or through The Home Depot mobile app. 

Here are some before pictures... 

Now let's talk about the after pics! 

The first thing I knew I wanted was new nightstands. I really wanted them to be black and solid wood, but also affordable, which is hard to find! But of course, I can always count on The Home Depot to have what I am looking for. I ended up buying 2 drawer shaker style night stands that were under $250 each. The quality is incredible for the price- a true solid piece of furniture. The assembly was easy as well and took myself about an hour to complete both. 

Nightstands: Warm Shaker Solid Wood 2 Drawer Nightstand

Next was bedding. I have always wanted our bed to feel like we were sleeping at a hotel. There is just something about hotel bedding!! The Company Store bedding can be purchased on the Home Depot website or on their own site as well. I am so happy with the duvet insert and cover I grabbed and know it will last us for years. Note: we live in New England and I am always cold at night...I went with the medium warmth duvet insert and was nervous it wouldn't be warm enough. It is perfect! It is also the perfect "fluffiness". I really do feel like I am sleeping in hotel bedding now. Lastly, I needed pure white shams and found a set of 2 on the Home Depot site for $22- can't beat it!

Duvet cover: The Company Store Duvet Cover

Duvet insert: The Company Store Duvet

Shams: White Cotton Pair Of Shams

Decor was the last bucket that I wanted to focus on. Something that this room did not have at all. We had a really long wall that was bare and I thought that adding in some natural tones would look nice with the black night stands. I ordered 2 sets to have a total of 4 frames and I just love them. Each set was $50 and they are really large so I thought it was a great deal. I did black and white prints and thought the contrast looked great.

For curtains I knew I wanted white black out curtains. I found these affordable ones ($15 each) and really like them.  I did 2 panels on each window so cost was $30 a window.To be honest, they could definitely could be more black out but they were a huge upgrade from the sheer curtains we had before and block out a lot more light. We both find ourselves not waking up as early anymore with the sun blocked. I don't have blinds behind them and just pull them open in the morning for sunlight. 

The wall that the frames are on is so long that there was still some extra space left so I decided to put a new body mirror. The Home Depot has really great prices on full length mirrors. I went with an arched shaped mirror and think it looks great. It is a little shorter than I would have hoped but still fits the space. Quick shout out to The Home Depot customer service department real first mirror came cracked and the return/exchange process was so easy. They even set it up so that UPS came to pick up the damaged item right from my front steps!

Lastly, I felt that the space could use a faux tree (just like every room in my house, haha!!). I found this olive tree for about $100 and it is perfect.

Frames: 2 Pack- Rustic Brown Picture Frames

Curtains: Eclipse Blackout Curtains

Mirror: Modern Arched Shaped Mirror

Olive Tree: Noble House 5 Foot Olive Tree

I love this updated space! Any other questions feel free to comment or DM me over on Instagram @haleysimao