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A rotating/swivel convertible car seat? 1000% yes please! There are a few out on the market and today I am here to review the new innovative City Turn by Baby Jogger. The City Turn has a lot to offer and makes getting your child in and out of the car so much easier. Getting my son in and out of the carseat has always been a struggle- wether it was tweaking my neck, hitting his head trying to cram him into the car sideways, or awkwardly trying to untangle the straps with my hands upside down. 

 Keep reading to learn more about the awesome features this rotating car seat has to offer.

Baby Jogger gifted me the City Turn but the review below is my honest opinion.

Prior to switching to the City Turn, we were using the Graco Extend2Fit which we liked. Let me share a few initial reactions I had when comparing the two.
  • Extend2Fit has 2 cup holders vs. the City Turn which has 1
  • The City Turn is a lot heavier - 28lbs (due to the steel frame)
  • The City Turn looks a lot sleeker and has nicer material 
  • More padding/comfort on the City Turn

Now for some close ups and highlights of the City Turn. 

  • Rotates 180 degrees in rear facing mode by using 1 hand
    • When rotating, your child comes 10 inches closer to you
  • Rear facing fits children 4-50 lbs (I removed the infant inserts as my son was above the weight limit for them)
  • Forward facing for children 22-65 lbs
  • Soft fabric that has moisture-wicking material
  • 10 position headrest & 5 position recline 

Ok... now to see it in action! The swivel functionality is a serious game changer. Even my husband (who doesn't drool over baby products like I do) can't stop talking about how awesome this new car seat is! I have to say though, when I take him out of the carseat I often forget to rotate back into place but am quickly reminded when my car door won't shut. 

Not only are we loving the new car seat but my son, Cam, loves going for a "roller coaster ride" every time he gets in and out. We haven't used this forward facing yet, however, after a month of using it rear facing, I would rate this a 9/10! The only reason I wouldn't give it a 10/10 is due to the fact that I struggled a bit with the install & directions, but, once in, it's been great!!

The City Turn is priced at $499 and you can buy it at the below retailers: 

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