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I am so excited to finally write this blog post! If you've been following along, you might have seen a series of 5 different blog posts ...

Veer Wagon Review + $ Saving Tip

 If you are stumbling across this you are probably debating wether or not you should buy a Veer cruiser/wagon. If you are looking for someone to steer you in the direction of buying it, you've come to the right spot!! Keep reading!! (plus I will share a tip on how to save $$)

I became obsessed with the Veer cruiser when looking for wagons for my son about a year ago. Once I found it, nothing compared and I knew that is the one I wanted. But I knew that my husband would not agree to the price of $649 if I said it was for just a wagon. So I set out and did a ton of research to build a case that it was worth the investment and we purchased it in April of 2020. 

10 reasons why we love our Veer wagon:

1.  It collapses flat for easy transportation. It fits in our Mazda CX-5 perfectly and in our Atlas Cross Sport with lots of extra room. This is what sets it apart from a lot of the wagons out there.

2. You can push it like a stroller or pull it like a wagon. Being able to push a wagon instead of pulling it is a total game changer!! To me, this is a huge selling point! We push the wagon 95% of the time.

3. It is all-terrain so it can be used on sand, rocks,grass,pavement, etc. We've used it on all of those and the only time we struggle is with soft, fluffy stand. Everything else is a smooth ride! The wheels are not like any other wagon the market!

4. The snack tray allows meals on the go. Perfect when we are out somewhere, like the zoo, or a festival, and we can keep moving while he enjoys his lunch from the Veer. Oh and the cupholder size is perfect!


5. Tons of different attachments can slowly be added- infant seats, extra cupholders, canopy shades, nap system for younger kids, etc.

6. It can be hosed down to be cleaned.

7. Amazing quality- the craftsman ship is incredible. They use military grade aluminum to withstand extreme adventure. We load the baby up when we head to the beach!!

8. Storage nooks inside the Veer to hold books, toys, etc. 

9. Easy to lock and the locking system works really well. To lock the Veer you tap a "button" with your foot which is a one touch foot brake system. In the summer, I can do this with my flip-flops. Once it is in lock mode, it's not going any where.

10. Something mom can handle! Once folded up, the Veer weights 32 lbs and something that I can lift in and out of the car myself. Which is impressive for something made out of aircraft grade aluminum. 

Each cruiser comes with the snack tray and 2 cupholders. All other accessories are additional. I have:

  • 1 extra set up cup holders
  • 2 canopies
  • 1 infant seat
  • 1 basket
  • 1 tote (that I won!)
If you have a child under 1, I would say you need the infant seat, it has a 5 point harness and it molds to their body (seen below). My 2nd accessory would be the canopy- it is great for the summertime, esp at the beach!

The Veer cruiser is never on sale but let me share with you some tips! Also, I know this is expensive. It is a total investment piece that you'll be able to use for multiple purposes for years! We prefer this over the stroller now because it can hold all our crap and Cam prefers it.

1. Check your local FB marketplace for local selling a Veer.

2. Shop at Nordstrom if you have a Nordstrom Card with them. Use double points to purchase JUST the wagon. Then, use your Nordstrom notes to put towards the accessories that you want. I was able to get my accessories free this way. Plus they offer free shipping.

Affiliate link to the Veer at Nordstrom here 

3.  Shop through BuyBuyBaby to use after pay and make 4 payments of $162 instead of everything up front. (also free shipping)

Affiliate link to the Veer and BuyBuyBaby here

Thanks for reading along! If you decide to get a Veer after reading this post I do get a small commission if you shop through my affiliate links, so thank you! I also purchased this Veer 100% myself and this is not sponsored in any way. We truly just love it and I wish I came across something like this before buying it!