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Tips For Moving With A Baby

If moving isn’t stressful enough, try adding a new baby to the mix!! We were hoping to be moved into our house before my son arrived last July but, unfortunately that didn’t happen and we were forced to move with a 3 month old! I definitely learned a lot during the process, so keep reading for my top 4 tips on how to successfully navigate a move if you have a baby on yours hands. 


  1. If your baby is sleeping in a crib, start sleeping them in their pack n’ play a week before. Baby will get used to sleeping in there so that when you do make the move, you don’t have to stress about getting the crib put back together ASAP.

  1. You don’t have to wait for the baby to be napping or sleeping to start tackling rooms. Turn on some kids songs (I think I listened to about 20 different versions of wheels on the bus each day during this process!!!) and put the baby in the room with you. My son loved sitting in a seat that helped him sit up. I would tackle rooms while singing to him and it kept him entertained and allowed me to be super productive! 

  1. Keep one box with you with things you use multiple times a day. I had a box that was the very last box to move and it drove in the front seat with me! It had one of my son's bottles, a bottle brush and cleaner, some clothes and pajamas for everyone, baby monitor, some diapers, etc. I included things that I knew we would need the first day or two so we wouldn’t need to go searching for them to unpack. 

  1. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL! You will think that while you’re packing you will remember what you put in the purple tote box, but mama, let me tell you, you won’t!! I just wrote on my bins/ boxes “Kitchen”. But what I wish I did was write something like “Kitchen- coffee machine, toaster, mixing bowls”. When I was unpacking and looking for something specific, it made it so much harder to look through 20 different boxes labeled kitchen. 

Something that I wish I did was hire movers because I spent so many sleepless nights worrying about packing, how we were going to move, how to store everything, etc. One way to eliminate the stress of moving is to just hire a reputable moving company to help with your move. If you're local to Rhode Island, I did the searching for you for the best moving company! Fresh Start – The Moving Crew – Warwick has tons of great reviews. You can have the Fresh Start team come in and pack up for you and move it for you. Imagine not having to worry about how you are going to move that heavy dresser in your room? What about  that big piano that has been sitting in the corner of your basement? Fresh Start can customize your personal moving plan to handle as much as you need which I like. They don’t offer just a “cookie cutter” moving experience. From full-service to do-it-yourself moving and storage, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew – Warwick will guide you through the entire process, door-to-door.

Not only do they do residential moves, but they also do commercial moving in Warwick RI or other nearby areas. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew – Warwick provides services for home offices, estates, commercial buildings, restaurants, warehouses, apartments, and more. What makes them stand out is that you have a personal move manager who is your dedicated point of contact throughout the move. Also, their moving team will be present at both the packing and unloading of the move. They really go that extra mile to ensure all policies for safety and quality are properly followed. 

Happy moving!!