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I am so excited to finally write this blog post! If you've been following along, you might have seen a series of 5 different blog posts ...

My Baby Registry Picks!

To be honest, when I first started looking into registry items back around 10 weeks I felt SO over overwhelmed. It felt like there were 100 options of every single thing I would look at and I had no idea where to even start. I spent hours and hours and hours of research to build what I felt was the perfect registry for my baby shower which sadly had to be canceled (thanks Corona!!!). I ended up registering at 3 different places for different reasons:

1. Buy Buy Baby- I registered my more expensive items here (car seats, mattress, baby carriers, etc) because you can always get a 20% off coupon & can also use Bed Bath & Beyond coupons here.
2. Target- The nursery set (crib & dresser) that I picked out was only avialable at Target so I created a registry here. I added a few other things as well if people wanted to go into the store to purchase items instead of ordering online (this was pre-Corona).
3. Amazon- 85% of what I registered for was put on my Amazon registry mainly because how easy it is for people to shop & get free shipping!

I am going to share below what top products/ brands I ended up picking after doing my *too many hours* of research.

Stroller & Car Seats:
StrollerBaby Jogger City Select-  this does have a very steep price tag but I loved the idea that when we have another baby I just have to buy a second seat to put in here. I won't have to worry about buying another stroller or a double stroller. This can fit up to 3 kids! It is so sleek looking and easy to move around. You can also add pretty much any infant car seat into it as well. I bought this on my own and was able to score it for around $250 after price matching & using Target circle coupons and my Target card discount- shop smart!!

Infant Car Seat- There are a lot of "cuter" looking infant car seats out there but I decided to go with safety and picked the Britax B-safe 35. It has extremely high safety ratings and great reviews. The car seat comes with 1 base and I added an additional base for my husbands car as well. 

I needed to get this $23 adapter to be able to fit the Britax B-safe into the baby jogger stroller to make it a travel system. They have an adapter for pretty much any car seat to fit into the baby jogger strollers.

Convertible Car Seat- Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat has 4 different seating positions and also had extremely high safety and review ratings. The deluxe version is a little more expensive but I figured the baby is going to be in it for years!

Seating & Activity:
All of my mom friends said their #1 baby product must have is the Baby Bjorn Bouncer (this one comes with a little toy bar as well!). 

I also wanted some type of multi purpose activity center (mainly so I didn't have a million baby things around my house) and stumbled across this 3-stage activity center that is basically like a 3 in 1 and will grow with the baby! I really like how it is gender neutral so I can use it with multiple babies.

I did a lot of research to find an activity gym that I liked and in all honestly I couldn't find anything I LOVED so I decided to go the more modern approach and get an activity mat and a wooden activity gym

Crib & Nursery Furniture:
As much as I loved the Pottery Barn crib / nursery sets I did not feel comfortable putting a $1,000 crib on my registry. I searched and searched for a crib and finally found one I loved. I wanted to find something that had a matching dresser and wanted a convertible crib that can grow with the baby. I picked this Simmons Kids Slumbertime Monterey 4-1 Convertible Crib along with the matching 7 drawer dresser . It comes in a really nice "rustic gray" which is more of a brown/gray and then a "rustic white" which is so pretty too. Most Target's have this crib on display so you can see the actual in real life color!

After a lot of research, another high ticket item that I decided to add was the Newton baby mattress. It is the same price as the crib itself but it is rated the safest mattress and has amazing reviews. It is 100% breathable and washable- you can put it up to your face and can breathe through it, it is made of 90% air so your baby won't suffocate. 

I am still searching for a glider/nursery chair but when I find one I like best I will update this post! My top runner is this beautiful Karla Dubious recliner which you can use a 20% BuyBuyBaby coupon with to bring it down to around $400 which would make a great gift for multiple people to go in on. I love everything about this- the style, the color, etc. 

Bottles: I decided to go the route of "let the baby choose the bottle". I received a handful of different baby bottles as samples in my registry creation bags so I am going to try those and see which one works best before ordering multiples of one bottle. I am going to try Comotomo, Nanobee, Tomme Tippee, Dr. Browns, and Avent. 

High Chair: I wanted something that is easy to clean with no fabric. I really love the style of the 4moms high chair & love the feature of the magnetic tray for easy removal. It is on the pricer side and in all honestly, if I do not get this off my registry I am going to go with the Ikea high chair which is an affordable comparable option. However, some cons to the Ikea one is that there is not a foot rest, tray is hard to remove, it is not adjustable.

Also, this Inglesina fast table chair is another great option to just attach to a table or island. I thought it would be handy to have in addition to a high chair.


Other must have's (these were all found on multiple registry must have lists I read over the last few months):

BuyBuyBaby offers a 20% completion discount on anything that wasn't purchased and Amazon and Target does 15% so I recommend adding really anything you think you'll want/need so that you can utilize the discount after! I made sure to mark the items that I really wanted as "most wanted" & found that has been going well so far! I plan to use the completion discount the beginning of May!

There is also a ton of other items I added as well that I came across wether on a blog post, a facebook post on a mom's group, or after reading tons of reviews. I posted the links to my registry below If you want to look through them as I found it helpful to look at others and added items directly through there! I can't wait to do a review of these products post baby this summer for you!