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My Makeup Routine

On a typical morning I do my makeup in about 4 minutes!! Crazy, I know! I do not do anything special with my makeup as I prefer a more natural look. Below are some of my favorite products that I am using currently. I feel like I have tried so many drugstore brand products and higher end products and have found I like an equal mix of both!

My favorite brand currently is Tarte. I have been using their products for a long time and over the last year or so I have tried a lot more of their products and truly love them all. I have combination skin and I feel like their products work well on my skin!

You can shop the links below that will bring you directly to the products or you can use my personal Tarte referral link to search for the products and it will save you 15%: 

  • Concealer: The very first thing I apply after moisturizer is the Tarte shape tape concealer which I wear in light-medium (29N). I was worried about how to figure out which shade I was when ordering online but they have a chart when you click on the link that helps you figure out your shade! I apply this with just a cheap beauty blender from anywhere!
  • Foundation: I ordered the Tarte shape tape foundation because I loved the shape tape concealer so much. I have both the Tarte shape tape matte foundation and Tarte shape tape hydrating foundation. They both give me the same coverage and look but I do feel like the matte stays on better. I typically use the matte if I am going out in the summer and the hydrating in the winter when my skin is dry. I wear the color medium-neutral (35N) in both, the links also have charts for picking the shade!
  • Blush: I have 2 shades in the Tarte amazonian clay blush - Paaarty which is a nude-pink and Blush Bride which is rosy-pink and a little more vibrant. I go back and forth depending on the day!
  • Setting Powder: To finish off my face I use my hands down favorite product in my makeup bag: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I use the Translucent levels 1-4. This LOCKS your makeup on and it is just a clear powder so it doesn't feel heavy! Your makeup will stay on all day with this, it is amazing. The product has lasted me over 6 months and I still have about 1/4 left! I have tried lots of different primers to "lock" in my makeup and this by far works better then any primer that I have tried. Well worth every penny.

  • Eyebrow Powder: One of my friends showed me this NYX eyebrow powder for under $6 that is awesome. It has lasted me almost a year! I do not like the look of drawn in eyebrows on my face so this just fills them light and naturally! I never use to fill my eyebrows but wow what a difference it makes, even if its just a little amount like I do!
  • Eye Shadow Palette: This Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette has seriously lasted me over 3 years and it still has so much product left in it! This is a perfect starter eye shadow palette, it has a lot of neutral shimmer shadows and matte ones as well. There are so many you tube videos that show you really cool looks you can do with this the colors in this palette! One time I watched one for a smoky eye for a wedding I went to. Well worth every penny!
  • Liquid Eye Liner: I go back and forth between 2, which ever I pick out of my makeup bag! My number one favorite one is the Stilla liquid eyeliner- the felt tip glides very easily, it is $22. Another favorite that I think is very similar to the Stila liquid liner is the Tarte sex kitten liquid liner which is $20.
  • Eyelash Primer: I never knew that my lashes could look fake with just mascara! The Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer is applied before mascara and gives your lashes that extra oomph! It goes on white and can get clumpy if you apply it too thick. I do a few thin layers on the top and bottom lashes.
  • Mascara: I feel like I have tried lots and lots of different mascaras that have been recommended to me. I have come to the conclusion that a mascara that works GREAT for someone may not work for someone else! The Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara has been a favorite for me! I do a few coats on top of the primer and love the look.
  • Lip Liner:  I have been using this NYX lip liner for a long time. It is hands down my favorite and is under $6 on amazon with prime shipping! It is the perfect nudey-pink color! For a long time I never used a lip liner but when I am going out with girlfriends or on a date night I feel like it pulls the look together!
  • Lip Paint/ Lip Stick: Another Tarte product! The Tarte quick dry matte lip paint will last all day! It goes on and dries instantly and leave a matte look. You could always top it with some gloss if you like the shiny look as well. My top 2 favorite colors are festival and exposed. Another product that is well worth the $20!